7 things to do in Amiens - by Your DMC in France
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7 things to do in Amiens

02 Oct 7 things to do in Amiens

You’re visiting Amiens ? But there’s so much to do, in this city of art and history! So, to be truly effective, here are seven things you should do when visiting the capital of Picardie!

Notre-Dame d’Amiens
Built between 1220 and 1288, this masterpiece of Gothic architecture is impressive by the harmony of its proportions, the purity of its lines and its remarkable statuary. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1981, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame d’Amiens was listed a second rime in 1998 as a key stage on the Way of Saint James in France. During this visit, you will understand the different phases of its construction and be immersed into the history of its Gothic architecture!

The cathedral and the belfry (UNESCO World Heritage sites)
Less well known than Notre-Dame, Amiens belfry has stood on Place au Fil since the 12th century.
It symbolises the independence of the municipality of Amiens from feudal authority and although it was the first town hall, above all, it is known for having been a prison. The climb up the hundred or so stairs provides access to the terrace which offers a panoramic view over the town and the 18m century campanile.

Old Amiens
A walk around the old neighbourhoods of Amiens from Notre-Dame to the banks of the River Somme. Along the streets, discover the diversity of the heritage of this town with a prestigious past.
The perfect visit for your first stay in the capital of Picardy!

Jules Verne’s ideal city
A resident of Amiens by adoption, and a local councillor for a several years, Jules Verne used to enjoy walking around the town. In the company of your guide, follow in his footsteps and explore the differences between the town today and how the author imagined it in 1875 in his novel “An Ideal Town: Amiens in the year 2000”.

Jules Verne’s house
This 19th century townhouse will immerse you into the private world of the famous author of « Voyages extraordinaires ». A must when visiting Amiens!

The Madeleine Cemetery
One of the most beautiful Romantic cemeteries in France. Ancient trees line the alleys and invite you to stroll through and visit the more than 18 hectares of space offered by this outdoor museum devoted to funereal art. The tombs of leading families from Amiens bear witness to the town’s prosperity in the 19th century. Your steps will also lead you to Jules Verne’s grave.

Situated in the heart of the town over an area of 300 ha, the Hortillonnages form a mosaic of floating gardens surrounded by canals. In former rimes, devoted to vegetable farming and peat farming, this site has become a haven of peace for the inhabitants of Amiens. The boats known as ‘barques à cornet’, which used to transport the harvests, are now fitted with silent engines. Set sail and let yourself be guided along the waterway!

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