DMC in Mont Saint Michel
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DMC in Mont Saint Michel

12 Jun DMC in Mont Saint Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel is undoubtedly one of the most impressive sites to see in France. Saint-Michel stands in a bay with remarkable landscapes and ecosystems. It is a site of rare beauty and has the distinction of dual status on the Unesco World Heritage Site list (1979). This exceptional dimension forms the basis of its international renown. Restoration of the maritime nature of Mont-Saint-Michel was a sustainable operation. Studies were initiated in 1995 and work started in 2005 and were completed in 2015. It was part of a major objective: to totally restore the iandscape that serves as the setting for one of the high places of Humanity and renew the approach to the site for future generations.

Speaking of getting there, there are actually 3 ways to reach the Mont from « Place des Navettes »:
– On foot, via the 3 pedestrian walkways offering an unsurpassed view over the Bay and Mont-Saint-Michel. Reckon on around 35mn to reach the Mont.
– On the free Passeur shuttle. The Passeur is a reversible shuttle that takes people to the Mont in around 14mn. Passengers are set down at the Terminus, which is 450m from the Mont.
– On the horse-drawn Maringote shuttle. And if this last one is a paid service, it is definitley an original experience that is worth the money. Indeed, the Maringote shuttle is an invitation to discover the site as pilgrims did in the olden days: it is drawn by two dray horses, and it takes around 45mn. for a trip from « Place des Navettes » to the site. You will ride along the River Couesnon towards the Dam then take the new access structure to the Mont.

The Maringote closely embodies the link between modernity and history, with an added environmental touch, as this vehicle is 100% green. Therefore the objective sought by using a horse-drawn vehicle at Mont-Saint-Michel is not only tourism-oriented: il also helps with the preservation of local breeds of horses such as Normandy Cobs, Percherons, and Postiers Bretons. So, next time you visit this amazing site, do it as a pilgrim: in the old way!

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