MICE / DMC / Incoming Agency in France
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MICE Services


MICE in France



As a leading dmc and incoming agency in France, we offer a very wide range of services to our clients encompassing MICE Tourism: Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conferences, Exhibitions and Events.


Find the full range of our services below:


  • Meetings in France
  • Incentives in France/Incentive Travel
  • Conferences in France
  • Exhibitions in France
  • Events in France/Corporate events in France
  • Product Launch in France
  • Press Trip in France
  • Travel Management in France
  • Educational tours in France
  • Specialised tours in France
  • Special assistance in France

DMC Incoming Agency – tailor made


All our services are tailor made to your requirements. No company is the same, and we adapt all our services according to your needs, budget and objective. We also take into consideration your cultural aspects, and especially for client entertainment events, so all activities are well perceived and the event a real success.


DMC Incoming Agency – more than an agency


We consider ourselves part of your team. We think in terms client relationship and what it means for you, for us, and for your own clients, especially when they are the ones invited to the event. Because our team is so focused on delivery and execution, we have had a tremendous positive feedback from our clients, and today, more than 90% of them are loyal. We are very proud of this.

DMC Incoming Agency – why do you need an agency


France is not a complex country, but working with us will save you time and money. Time, because we know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, including with local authorities when required, such as for road trips or big product presentations. Knowing the cultural codes helps making the process faster and more efficient. It also saves you money as we benefit from partnerships and business relations of our parent company, Tematis, the leisure specialist. Therefore, the volume of business helps us get competitive rates.


DMC Incoming Agency – in your shoes


Organising an event is not an easy thing to do. And to make it a success, we always try to put ourselves in your shoes. We constantly ask ourselves if you would like our selection. Then we submit our ideas to you, and it is up to you to decide what you wish to do in the end. We will recommend and advise, but the final decision is yours.

DMC Incoming Agency – we do awesome events


We always fit to your requirements, and we always deliver that little extra that makes the event truly awesome. We have amazing activities, such as a jet fighter ride, or skiing with an Olympic champion, or swimming with wild dolphins… we also have beautiful locations such as the creeks near Marseille, the summits of the Alps, the narrow and charming streets of Paris…. Our innovative team always tries to deliver the little something that will make a dinner truly awesome: it’s the setting, the food, the décor… they all blend to create a very special atmosphere.