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incentive travel in France


  • Fly a jet fighter
  • Multihull racing boat
  • Ferrari driving experience on a track
  • Lamborghini driving on the roads
  • Snowmobile safari in the French Alps
  • Air combat and dogfight
  • Touring the Riviera on a yacht
  • Private tour of the Louvre
  • Jetskiing in the Mediterranean
  • Hiking in the Alps
  • Flying a Boeing 737 in a real simulator
  • Skiing with an Olympic champion
  • Drive an F1 car
  • Cookery classes with the best chefs
  • Wine tastings at the chateau
  • Make your own wine
  • Treasure hunts in Paris
  • Create your own perfume
  • Offshore racing
  • Snorkeling in Corsica
  • Cycling in the Pyrenees
  • Relaxing at your private villa
  • Flying over the beaches of Normandy
  • Hiking Mont Blanc
  • Partying on a yacht in St Tropez
  • Selfdrive roadtrip in the South West
  • Dogsled experience in the Alps
  • Flying with birds with an ultra-light
  • Le Mans prototype driving experience
  • Being part of a kitchen brigade in starred restaurant
  • Private cruise on the Seine river
  • Helicopter rides over Paris
  • F1 grand Prix on a private terrace
  • Dining in the sky



We are one of the leading incentive travel agencies in France. We focus on delivering extraordinary moments to participants, because they deserve it. They worked hard to get there, so they deserve the reward.


We have many incentives programs in France, based on experiences that will truly add value to your event. Our experiences are “organised” into themes. Let’s have a look at some them:




Get behind the wheel of a supercar, like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, on a circuit or in the streets of Monaco and the Riviera. Drive a 4×4 to mountain tops across incredible landscapes. Drive a quad across rivers and muddy paths. Drive a snowmobile at night in some of the best ski resorts of the French Alps. Drive a racecar on the ice and learn to slide. Drive a F1 car on a circuit and get ready for some serious adrenaline.


Fly a jet fighter, yes you read right. We do jet fighter rides. Experience skydiving. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride, and even a dinner whilst riding the balloon. Fly a helicopter or simply enjoy the touristic flight over some of the most spectacular sceneries in France such as the Mont Blanc, or the rugged coast of Brittany. Fly a plane. Fly a Boeing 737 or and Airbus 320… in a real flight simulator. Experience something unique in Europe, a real dogfight, with authentic fighter pilots… Fly with birds… in an ultra light plane.


Experience a ride on a multihull racing boat in Brittany or in the South of France. How about jetskiing, canoeing, rafting, diving, snorkeling, sailing on an old boat. If you like things big, how about a yacht, or a race in an offshore racing boat. In the mountains and in winter, we do under the ice diving for a very peculiar experience. And for a unique meeting, how about going swimming with wild dolphins in the Mediterranean.


Of course, it depends on the seasons, but we love our mountains and we like to do great experiences in the French Alps and the Pyrenees. Such as skiing, including off pist if your participants are very good. You can also ski with some of our friends who Olympic Champions. We do dog sledging, snowmobiling, ice climbing, trekking, snowhoeing and in winter, the day always end with some mulled wine and great food, even when you spend the night in a refuge, just after relaxing in some hot spring. In summer, go trekking, cycling, and even skiing at some selected spots in the French Alps.


Gastronomy – food & wine
No trip to France would be complete without experiencing the food and the wine. We organise cooking lessons with some of the best chefs in France, like Alain Ducasse. And we can even place you into the heart of a Michelin starred restaurant, in the brigade, to prepare and serve real clients. You can also go wine tasting anywhere in France, including at the chateau, and better, you can also learn to make your own wine after an initiation with one of the best sommeliers in France. And you will experience culinary France anywhere in the country, simply for lunches and dinners at some of the best places.


And we have so many more experiences and team building activities to choose from. We are specialist in incentive travel in France.

Tailor made incentives in France

All our incentives in France are tailor made to your own requirements. Whether you are looking at delivering a VIP, or a root experience, we combine the location with the experience and the logistics to deliver a fantastic event. Participants will remember they lived this moment, thanks to you. And this one of the best added value you can get in terms of connection, belonging, souvenir, and projection.

We design specific incentives in France for employees, colleagues, clients and resellers, suppliers, investors and third parties as each profile may require a different focus of attention.

We also ensure all our experiences are fit to the expectations of the participants. We understand that cultures are different from one sector to the next, and we adapt our programs to the profile of the people taking part in the event.

I would like to thank your team, we had a great time. Shame for the bad weather but the offroad experince got even better. Let's do that again soon - Gulsen Ersus - Temsa
Your jet fighter experience was simply mindblowing. Thanks for all your efforts and making our day so special - Elena Saccoccio - Fiat
All our clients truly enjoyed the terrace at the Monaco Grand Prix. It was what we expected, thank you again - Pavlina Pecinkova - Statoil
Thank you for all your hard work and to make our event special. We had a very good day and enjoyed every minute of it. The yacht was perfect, great relaxing day, just what we needed - Iain MacDonald - Diageo