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In Toulouse

« La Ville Rose » draws nothing like the attention enjoyed by Paris, Marseille and Lyon, but it’s not always obvious why. Because a stay in the fourth largest city of the country is always an amazing experience. The southwestern metropolis of Toulouse is not only feisty but full of history too. And above all, one of the most enjoyable cities in France. With its pinkish bricks which dominate much of...

7 things to do in Amiens

You're visiting Amiens ? But there's so much to do, in this city of art and history! So, to be truly effective, here are seven things you should do when visiting the capital of Picardie! Notre-Dame d'Amiens Built between 1220 and 1288, this masterpiece of Gothic architecture is impressive by the harmony of its proportions, the purity of its lines and its remarkable statuary. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since...

dmc normandy
DMC in Normandy

There are so many reasons to go to Normandy that would be hard to make a list. This lovely region counts such treasures that are worth the trip. However, we challenged to summarise it in six main reasons. Six reasons that explain why Normandy remains the favorite french region for many of our fellow countrymen. The major sites Normandy is internationally renowned for its world famous sites: the Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay,...