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Tasting Corsican Food

12 Nov Tasting Corsican Food

Do you know Corsica ? If the well-named Isle of Beauty is famous for its amazing landscapes, it is far from being its only attractions. Actually, Corsica is a magnificent paradise for all food-and-wine lovers. Discerning gourmets will appreciate the quality of local ingredients, produced according to traditional methods from a land renowned for its sweet chestnuts, citrus fruits, charcuterie, creamy cheeses, wines and liqueurs. Corsican food is full of surprises. And if you spend a bit longer on the island, you’ll have time to appreciate the different honeys made there — many of which have been awarded their own AOC [Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée] status — and to discover Corsica’s huge variety of flora. Another traditional product is sweet chestnut flour, used to make the famous « polenta » often served at Christmas and New Year. And of course, you can’t fail to enjoy the wines, such as Cap Corse muscats and Patrimonio wines, nine of which have been awarded AOC status and which spread the image of Corsica around the world. A glass of Corsican wine is the perfect accompaniment to a plate of local charcuterie. Sample some of their « prizuttu » [cured ham], which is full of flavour, or try some of the famous « figatellu », which is perfect grilled over the fire on a cold winter’s day.

The local cheeses are equally as remarkable. In winter, enjoy the « brocciu » cheese, made from whey and used in savoury recipes such as stuffed meat and vegetables, and sweet dishes such as « fiadone » and « ambrucciata ». Fall under the spell of the sheep cheeses flavoured with herbs and spices from the Corsican maquis, best savoured with a glass of myrtle liqueur or brandy. If you’re curious to try some of their local specialities, you’re sure to find a good restaurant where you can sample their traditional stews, wild boar or grilled fish. Corsica is home to around twenty farm-inns bearing the Chamber of Agriculture’s « Bienvenue à la Ferme » label, all of which offer visitors the chance to sample local specialities. On the coast, try the shellfish, mussels and oysters from the Étang de Diana, which have won a gold medal at the Agriculture de Paris show on more than one occasion. Finally, savour specialities such as « calamars farcis à l’Ajaccienne » [squid stuffed with onions, parsley and garlic] and Corsican lobster, which demonstrate once and for all that Corsican cuisine has plenty to offer the visitor — and, just as importantly, that it’s accessible to all budgets. DMC Incoming France is your incoming partner into France.

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