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Why France


There are many very good reasons to hold your event or conference in France. There so many reasons that France is the n°1 tourism destination in the world. That many people cannot be wrong… Wherever you are coming from, you will find France a unique place, with its own culture and atmosphere. Of course the history is rich, but we think what makes France so special is the diversity you can find in the regions that make France.

Paris is a place in its own right. Totally unique. But each region in France would tell the same. Brittany with its rugged coast in the north and peaceful beaches in the south, with fantastic seafood; The West coast, with surfing beaches and great weather; Bordeaux and some of the most famous vineyards in the world. The Riviera and the glamour, under the sun; the French Alps and the amazing slopes and treks; the Loire Valley with incredible castles, great vineyards and amazing food… France is a patchwork of cultures, and each region would have about 10 good reasons to get there. In terms of MICE, DMC, Incoming agency, here are 10 good reasons to hold your event in France:

1/ ACCESS/TRANSPORTATION – it’s so easy to get to France and to get around.
France is easy to get to, from anywhere in the world. Paris has 2 international airports, and not far 2 Business airports and 1 low cost airline airport. All are at most 40mn from the centre of the city. Most big cities also have their international airports, such as Bordeaux, Nice, Marseille, Lyon and the low cost airlines have revived many smaller regional airports as well.
Then, there is the train. You get a direct access into Paris from London, Brussels and Amsterdam thanks to the Eurostar and Thalys, and once in France, our Fast Train – the TGV – gets you to most big cities in no time, and cheap.
Cars and buses can also be used, taking our motorway/highway system, which is one the best in the world.

2/ HOTELS AND ACCOMMODATION – Quality, and a variety for all budgets
As in most countries, you will find a variety of hotels, from chains to single boutique hotels. But the common factor remains that all hotels tend to be qualitative, even the cheapest ones. Of course the 5 star hotel or Parisian palace will have no problem to satisfy your needs, but it is also nice to know that you can get to some less awarded hotels and still get very good value for money. And if you want the ultimate privacy, a private villa, castle, yacht or city house will guarantee just that if your group is not too big.

3/ SIGHTSEEING – So many things to see
Of course you may work, but when the works ends, it is nice to know that you and your team will be able to enjoy the location. After work in Paris can mean a visit to the Louvre museum, climbing the Eiffel Tower, taking a boat ride on the Seine, and walking around the cobbled streets of Montmartre. The good thing is that wherever you hold your event in France, you will find something to see, visit or do. And even in remote cities, you will find that there is a little great place that will create an emotion.

4/ FOOD AND WINE – Do we really need to elaborate ?
There is not “one” French food. There is a diversity of dishes and tastes according to the region you will be travelling to, where you will be able to find the “French traditional” along the local specialties. The French are dead serious about their food, capable of discussing the next meal while eating. You will find the greatest food in France, and of course, some of the best wines to be paired with. Bordeaux and Loire Valley are fantastic regions to travel to for wine tastings at the properties, but don’t worry, you can also appreciate the food and wine tastings pretty much everywhere in France. We have also teamed up with many great chefs to provide us with unique cooking class that are fun and interactive. These are the best ways to get to know our food.

5/ RESTAURANTS – finding and making them
Another important aspect of the food is the setting. We always try to arrange meals in great places so they become even more enjoyable. For example, dining on the beach, in the middle of orchards, on boats, taking a dinner cruise somewhere scenic… it all makes the food and the wine taste even better. For more traditional settings, we find some very nice restaurants that are known for their good food, and for the quality of the environment.

6/ ACTIVITIES – From adrenaline to zen
We are very talented to deliver amazing activities and experiences in France and they range from adrenaline to zen. The experiences we can provide depend on the number of participants, on the size of your group. The smaller the size, the diverse the activities can be. Some examples: jet fighter rides, swimming with dolphin, road trips in supercars, track days in supercars, hot air balloon rides, flying trials, ice driving experiences, making your very own perfume, jet skiing, cooking lessons, wine tastings, making your very own wine, treasure hunts, skiing,…. There are so many things to do in France. And this is just if you want to be very active. Of course we can also provide some relaxed time with access to some of the best Spas. Sometimes, doing nothing or having a drink by the pool as the sun sets can be as rewarding.

7/ EXCURSIONS – Discovering further away
There are many excursions that we can provide, using either buses, trains and planes. Many points of interests are not far from each other, and sometimes it is a nice add on to the program. You can very easily visit the D Day beaches of Normandy from Paris, or the Champagne vineyards and enjoy some tastings. When in Paris, you can even take the Eurostar fast train and spend the day in London for a cultural change. All our excursions can be tailor made, with a touch of history, a point of experience, great food, and lots of fun. We also use professional guides when required to provide the knowledge and expertise.

8/ NIGHTLIFE – it’s part of the trip
Even if most companies like to have a special night, such as a gala night, they are also very happy that the location can provide a good night life to participants. We always find a very good setting for your dinner, and after dinner, we will be able to either recommend or organise a night of fun. It can be your private party, or joining the fun at the clubs. And there is a variety of clubs, lounge bars, and other discos according to your likings. The French love to dance, hence the huge number of clubs in most big cities, and some are quite famous all over the world.

9/ SHOPPING – Mandatory on the last day
Paris is a shopping mecca, as well as some other large French cities. It’s always nice to bring back a little souvenir for the ones at home, and even make some good deals, especially if your currency is well valued to the euro, and/or when the country goes on Sales. You can find haute couture at great prices and many other souvenirs for very good prices. Our team on site can guide you to the best shops according to your needs.

10/ THE TEAM – a bunch of good people
We are a good team, and we are made of good people. Some say that the French are arrogant, and not polite, that can be true, but our team is not. We are genuinely concerned about the good planning and execution of your corporate event, so that your participants are happy. Then you are happy. And we are happy too. Simple as that. We love our job, and we love that our clients are fully happy with us.

So there you have our 10 good reasons to come to France. Do not hesitate to contact us, to discuss your project or if you have any question about travelling in France.