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corporate events in France

We do events in France


We organise events in France. This section may seem a bit similar to incentives and team events, but the truth is that we place the experience at the core of our events. For us, nothing is more important than to deliver an experience to the participants, and all our events have this “French touch”.


You want to reward, to entertain, to connect, to get away from it all to think about the future, to get inspired… Whatever your reasons, we are there to deliver the experience which will be just perfect for you. And it’s perfect because it is tailor made, to your requirements, those of the participants, and to your budget. This how we do all of our corporate events in France.


We do great events all over France. The objective for us is to deliver a unique added value which we call “institutionalize”. It’s not a nice word, but it means that the connection to your colleagues, partners, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders will be stronger after the event. And we hope so much stronger that they will stick to your company.


We are extremely good at this in our corporate events as we think the human connection is paramount. Our corporate events in France are designed to reinforce this connection and that can make a big difference, especially in sales. We also truly understand the purpose of spending some money on an event, so we make sure you get the added value.

Big thanks to your team Nick, we had a fantastic time in Cannes. Perfect planning, great food, great fun. Thanks again - Peter McIntyre - CocaCola
Thanks guys. We had a fantastic time in Paris. Two days is just too short, but we all enjoyed our stay - Chassidy Holland - BAT
Excellent delivery. Great fun. Particularly enjoyed dining in a hot air ballon. What a day. Thanks. - Samir Singh - Barclays

Your coporate events in France


As a corporate event agency in France, we tend to prepare you the perfect recipe with a combination of all of the ingredients below.


Location: Ideal locations, such as castles, private villas, fantastic locations, heart of the cities, or in the middle of nowhere, including glamping.


Moments: Great moments to share, such as lunches and dinners (of course we are French), including the bonfire on the beach during a summer evening with cocktails and great stories about the day. Feeling great moments are the special moments designed to feel good. Such as when you reach the top of the mountain and get the amazing view, or when you dive into the water and realize it’s actually quite warm, or sipping your first glass of champagne on the terrace of a modern villa with the sun coming down, subtle music and the Mediterranean just in front of you.


Connecting with the team: Connecting times are important to us. What makes everything relevant is the connection between participants. Icebreakers are great, and sharing the intensity of moment is even better. Swim with dolphins with a client, and he will never, never, never forget you. Connection remains a key defining criteria of any business today, and reinforcing that connection is our goal.


French culture: Cultures appreciate different qualities. We understand that when you come to France, you may be interested in some specific things, as well as your participants. And we will ensure your vision and interests are fully satisfied because each culture appreciate France differently.


Discover France: Discovery is also part of the deal. France is a very diverse country, even if it is small in scale compared to some states in the world. And this is great, we think, as we have tremendous infrastructures. That means you could be skiing one morning, and on the beach sipping cocktails in the evening. Discovery is also our culture and heritage, which come a looooooong way, and have given us treasures to share, such as the Chateau of Versailles or the Louvre collection.


As a corporate event agency in France, we put all our efforts and ensuring you get the best experience of France, and may want to come back again to explore, discover and experience France even more.


Our events also take into account your work sessions and our planning is perfect at should be to maximize your time. We are one of the leading corporate event agency in France, and we are proud to accompany so many of our great clients to come to explore France, and enjoy the moment.